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Printing Acts of Parliament. Vellum wins the day!!

Posted by on April 21, 2016 in news | Comments Off on Printing Acts of Parliament. Vellum wins the day!!

It is with great pleasure that I report, following a lengthy debate in the House of Commons, MP’s have voted overwhelmingly to continue to record Acts on vellum. This decision has secured the availability of ‘original documents’ for those generations that follow.

I would like to thank all of those that rallied to the cry, in particular Patricia Lovett MBE, James Grey MP, Sharon Hodges MP, Mark Lancaster MP, Rt Hon Matthew Hancock and the veritable army of supporters massed by Bill Beaver (Heraldic Artists), The Heritage Crafts Association and the media in general. It is a bizarre reality that one of the oldest means of communication has been so ably¬† supported by the new. Grateful thanks to ‘Twitter feeds and Hash tags”. I have been astounded by the speed at which the word was spread.

When William Cowley founded his company, Charles Darwin had not written his ‘Origin of Species’, the light-bulb had yet to be invented, and Alaska was a province of Russia. It went on to be sold to America for $7.2m dollars. His legacy has witnessed World Wars, depressions and recessions. The company has served 6 monarchs and 44 Prime Ministers. I’d like to think that William Cowley smiles upon us as we all celebrate successfully defending this most noble craft.

With great thanks and warmest regards,