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Dyed Vellum

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Dyed Vellum

We can dye vellums in a variety of colours and effects for individual projects. Dyed Goatskin Vellum is a popular and exciting alternative for Interior Designers. We can cover furniture, wall or door panels with either natural or dyed vellum, providing a wholly unique fashion alternative to wood finishes, paint and wallpaper. Very attractive finishes and effects can be achieved.

                                                    Goatskin Vellum is the primary material used for Dyed Vellum. Goatskin has a prominent, fairly coarse, grain structure which is beautifully enriched by the dyes, enhancing the individual nature of each skin. As an entirely natural material, no two skins have exactly the same grain structure and subtle natural variations will occur, not only from skin to skin but also within a single piece. This can result in stunning variations in tone and shade when the vellum is dyed, especially with light and mid colour tones. The distinctive ‘look’ that such effects can give to a suite of furniture within a room is remarkable.

Most colours can be achieved and we will always try to meet our customers colour specification as closely as possible, bearing in mind the nature of vellum dying described above. Darker colours will tend to produce a more uniform appearance.

Unique and stunning exclusivity can be achieved with dyed versions of this hardwearing material.

William Cowley’s  furniture and wall panel covering service for Interior Designers and Furniture Makers, uses both dyed and undyed Vellum for covering furniture and door or wall panels. A unique and stunning exclusivity can be achieved with this hardwearing material.

Dyed Goatskin or Calfskin (for a finer grained finish) also make fine binding vellums for bookbinders, providing not only an attractive appearance but also a compact smooth surface well able to resist repeated handling. Vellum covers are used for both fine modern bindings and in the restoration of archive material.

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We also offer a stained Sheepskin Parchment. This is gently dyed using organic products to a light tan colour. This can be used to produce replicas of ancient works as the delicate colouring can effectively replicate the ageing process. Like the vellum, every skin takes the colour in a unique manor resulting in effective natural colour variation.

If you have not used dyed vellums before you are welcome to visit our premises and see examples of these splendid coloured skins or to discuss the possibilities for furniture covering. You will be able to get a feel for how the skin textures and colour shades work so well together. Small quantities or samples may be available from stock; otherwise the Vellum is dyed to order.

We also offer Dye Specials using creative dyeing techniques. Using these techniques, the dyeing occurs in a random and unique manner, often creating spectacular effects. Every skin, dyed this way is totally unique. See the Dye Specials page for more details.

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