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Goatskin Vellum

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Goatskin Vellum

A remarkable material with truly unique qualities, used to create exceptional products. Available in Natural, ‘White’ and Dyed form. William Cowley is the only commercial manufacturer of genuine Goatskin Vellum in the UK.

Available in 3 main forms Natural, ‘White’ (creamy white) and Dyed (several colours available to order) each displaying Goatskin Vellum’s prominent grain structure. This grain structure is unique to each skin; the variations in colour, texture and pattern being more noticeable in the Natural than the White Goatskin Vellum. Dying a goatskin will also enhance its unique grain features. NB: The traditional ‘White’ goatskins are bleached and their colour varies from stark white to a warm creamy colour.

At William Cowley we feature a Vellum covering service for Interior Designers and Furniture makers. The strength, versatility and characteristics of this astonishing natural material can provide a finish of stunning exclusivity to bespoke furniture and panels.

At William Cowley we use only the very best goatskins available and always personally select our raw materials. We employ rigorous selection criteria, to ensure we can consistently produce Vellum of the highest quality.

Goatskin Vellum is being used increasingly in Interior Design. With no two pieces of Vellum exactly alike the physical characteristics, shades and tones of this astonishing natural material can provide a stunning exclusivity to all kinds of contemporary furniture or panels.

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All the above forms of Goatskin Vellum work well with a whole variety of desks, tables, bedroom suites, cupboards and drawer units; moulding to convex shapes without cutting. Vellum wall or door panels provide a wholly unique fashion alternative to paint and wallpaper! At William Cowley we feature a covering service for Interior Designers and Furniture Makers

Vellum lampshades* will compliment such design wonderfully with its remarkable luminescent quality. *Please note that William Cowley Goatskin Vellum complies with BS EN60598-1. Similarly room-dividing screens, backed by a light source, can work incredibly well, achieving startling effects.

Such is its great strength, Goatskin Vellum remains a popular choice for bookbinding and drum heads of all kinds. Bookbinders may like to note that we also make Alum Tawed to order from both Goatskin and Calfskin.

More unusual uses include the making of ‘roses’ for a variety of traditional keyboard and stringed musical instruments.

You can buy Goatskin Vellum as whole skins or in standard cut sizes or circles for drum heads. We are pleased to cut custom sizes on request. Most Goatskins average 6-9 square feet (0.5-0.85 sq metres) in size. As with leather the natural skin is irregular in shape, so the useable area depends on the size and the number of pieces you wish to cut out of it.

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