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Re Botanical Art

Well, painting on vellum is a new departure for me. I have always admired the results, especially Rory McEwan of course, and am looking forward to giving it a go. The piece of vellum that arrived today is a piece of artwork in itself.  It is fastidiously mounted and the surface, slightly veined, is really beautiful. It seems a bit of a shame to risk spoiling it! All this plus the friendly and informative help on the phone has made the experience most enjoyable. Many, many thanks.

Rosie Sanders  Botanical artist

RE: Drums & Drumheads

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We are proud of our reputation for creating the finest handmade drums. These drums demand the finest drum heads, and those produced by William Cowley meet our requirements precisely ~ Pete Woods – Leading British drum manufacturer

RE: Furniture covering project

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I want to thank you again for all the help and the beautiful vellums you sent for this project. It was a pleasure working with Cowley’s and with the Calfskin Vellum. Looking forward to the next project. Thank you. ~ Sarah Pringle,  Massachusetts, USA

RE: Printed Certificates on Sheepskin Parchment

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Thought I must email to say how pleased I am with the Certificates you have printed for us. They really are superb. Just as good as the one’s we had done many years ago by your Company – the old fashioned way. I’m sure the recipients will be delighted. ~ Pat Potter, Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists

From Donald Jackson, Calligrapher and Artistic Director for the Saint John’s Bible

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I have used calfskin manuscript vellum from William Cowley since they took over from Band & Co in (?) and have never been disappointed in their willingness to adapt and develop their techniques to meet any of my special requirements.  They have always given excellent, professional and friendly service and we have enjoyed working with them on the Saint John’s Bible for almost 12 years.  They came to know exactly what I was looking for and would choose and put aside anything they thought would be suitable in size and quality for our Bible.  People are intrigued when they see the size, weight and consistent quality of the pages.  The only problem is they immediately want to touch the surface of the vellum!  Most of the team of calligraphers, who have worked on The Saint John’s Bible, now use it as a medium of their choice in preference to even the best hand-made paper.

We have used William Cowley’s Calfskin Manuscript Vellum for the entire Saint John’s Bible – over 300 folios!  These were very large pages which needed to be flawless.  They are also difficult to find in the size and quality we needed for these largely ceremonial volumes, but William Cowleys produced vellum which has been beautiful to work with, to write, paint and illuminate on. I used Victorian era goose quill pens with 100 year old Chinese ink as well as modern acrylic medium.  Creating our finest calligraphy on this beautifully prepared vellum has been and still is a wonderful experience.

I have also used Cowleys manuscript vellums for creating a great many of the Royal Documents such as City Charters and Peerage Patents of Nobility which I have been executing over the last 50 years. ~ Donald Jackson: Donald is one of the world’s foremost calligraphers and is Senior Illuminator and Scribe to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Crown Office

RE: The Saint John’s Bible Project (World famous Calligraphy and Illumination masterpiece)

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William Cowley was a key part of ‘The Saint John’s Bible’ project! Your company’s work is admired daily here and around the world. ~ Linda Orzechowski, Executive Assistant, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, Saint John’s University, Collegeville (MN), USA

RE: Calligraphy and Illumination

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I have been using William Cowley’s manuscript calfskin vellum for many years and find that the excellent quality of their skins does not change. For the last twenty five years or so I have completed many calligraphy and illuminating commissions and pieces for myself on Cowley’s vellum. Writing and painting on vellum is like no other surface, and if you write with a quill too, it is an amazing experience! I recommend William Cowley’s skins to all students on my Calligraphy and Illumination courses, as the staff always take great care to ensure that the skins selected are suited to the purpose. ~ Patricia Lovett, Calligrapher, Illuminator, Teacher and Author.